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Data Impeccable offers superior technology consulting and support services for the small and medium sized business in Toronto.

We make technology transparent to your employees, your clients and your end-users semless, effective, efficient IT systems with applications that work for your niche needs, problem-free.

Strategic Consulting

We need to properly plan our IT for the next 2-3 years. Our expert analysts provide you with Strategic Consulting through a detailed IT audit with specific recommendations. We advise on what you need to correct problems, improve network efficiencies, lock down security, and enhance overall computer experience for your users.

Server Management

We want our server to run a peak efficiency and problem-free.

Server Management is essential for organizations that cannot afford delays and downtime. Our engineers analyze hardware to meet your current requirements, optimize performance by making sure you have only the applications you need, and install the latest system and security patches.

Network Management

Internet and local networks should support your work, not impede progress Data Impeccable ensures that your network is running efficiently and securely through proper Network Management.

Application Support

Web Site Maintenance keeps your website up to date with your latest products and services, news releases, data and information for your clients and stakeholders.

Our database is our lifeblood

Database Management is essential so that your valuable information is kept up to date, secure and accessible to the right people when they need it. We aid in the management, design and implementation of a document management solution which suits your business and your budget.

Don’t be left on tech support “hold”

When lawyers need tech support on pcLaw, they need it now! Data Impeccable offers tech support on a variety of industry-specific Specialized Software Support (see chart below).

Applications which Data Impeccable supports on a daily basis:

Automated Disbursement Systems: Copitrak, Equitrac Legal Applications: DivorceMate, Summation, The Conveyancer, pcLaw, DragonDictate, etc. Custom Database Development: Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server) Communication: Remote Web Workplace, Terminal Server, pcAnywhere, Citrix Office Suites: Microsoft Office and Corel Application Suites Groupware: Outlook, Groupwise, ccMail

Security Audit

How can we ensure that we have appropriate security measures in place? Beyond hardware and software, computer network security requires a true understanding of the threats that exist and how to effectively combat them. We will conduct a Security Audit and implement a budget-conscious solution that puts your mind at ease.

Onsite Support & Service

We can’t afford down time. When we need IT service, we want it now!

Data Impeccable gives you immediate on site IT Support and Service, often better than average response time (under 3 hours) from your initial call. By telephone or at your office, we are standing by to help you.

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